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Your World. Our Eyes.


Who We Are
Everyone has a dream, but not everyone dares to chase after it. We, however, are all about dreams and find no obstacle large enough to prevent us from pursuing ours - or yours for that matter. We are devoted, we are determined and we are dynamic. We dream, we develop and we deliver.

At first glance, the digital world can seem confusing and overwhelming. That is precisely the reason why we exist and definitely the reason why you need us. Affiliated with Publicis Pakistan and Modem4, we are a digital agency ready to help you meet your digital media needs. Design-driven, social-media-charged, ad-industry-backed and staffed with talent that knows no ends, we know how to pull the right digital, social and creative strings to get you right where you want - and beyond.

In the digital world, time is not just money – it is everything; and it is moving at a rate faster than ever. Competitors and markets will catch on to the latest trends in tech and online communications if you don’t first. This is why we are here to help you make the first move. The digital field is evolving constantly, and so are we. Give us a piece of your mind and we promise to restore your peace of mind.

Our Philosophy
We believe in making an impact while breaking all barriers of traditional operations. Our mission is to be our client's preferred partner by capitalizing on our unique yet effective work methodology. The following principles dominate the norms at Publicis Pakistan:

  • Our Business Approach that is market place focused, rather than internally focused.
  • Our Organizational Approach that is achievement driven, rather than administratively driven.
  • Our Creative Approach that is idea centric, rather than process centric.
  • Our People Approach that is team led, rather than hierarchy led.
  • What We Do

    While our out-of-the-box thinking and phenomenal execution of radical ideas has successfully attracted an increasing number of clients year after year, Publicis Pakistan has more importantly given priority to concentrating its efforts towards developing and executing pioneering campaigns for its various clients in the following core areas:

      S Corporate Communications
      L ATL and BTL Promotions
      P Creative Strategy, Designing and Copywriting
      R   PR and Crisis Management
      N Event Management

    Share your concerns and ideas with us and we are confident that we can deliver results in line with your goals because we believe our client's problems to be our own and thus tackle them accordingly. We can customize and create packages according to your digital needs and therefore help you establish the online presence you need to take part in the non stop conversation that is social media. Our ever-energetic team at Pixl4 specializes in the following core disciplines:

      K Website Design & Development
      T Digital Marketing & PR – Content placement and direct stakeholder engagement
      P Content Generation & Website / Social Media Management
      "   Mobile Apps, Animations & Presentations.

    Based in Lahore and with offices in Islamabad and Karachi, we are a multi-discipline agency that offers decades of experience learnt through working with many leading clients covering a broad spectrum of brands, activities and events. This experience enables us to add value to an organization's image, build brand equity at competitive prices and become productive and dependable business partners. Our achievements include numerous creative accolades that speak volumes in favor of our expert insight in the following core areas:

      UMedia Buying – Print, Television, Radio, Online
      NEvent Management & Marketing
      JBrand Planning, Activation & Market Launch
      PSituation Analysis & Marketing Strategies
      KDesigning and Implementing Promotions & Competitions

    At Focus MMS, we strive to assimilate data in a way that is holistic, insightful and prompt. Our in-house abilities also encompass a combined multi-media monitoring and evaluation programme that is both custom-made and cost-effective. We offer a round the clock service -- at your disposal at every event, good or bad -- in the following core areas:

      MMedia Monitoring – Dedicated Print, Electronic, Broadcast & Digital Monitoring Services
      PMedia Analysis – Media Trend Analysis Reports, Media Placements Coverage Reports
      IReactionary Messages, Advice & Consultancy
    We've got a lot to offer.
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